Cobb’s Retirement 2016

January 16, 2016

A Retirement Reception was held in honor

of Rev. David and Ruth Cobb.


 Thank you for being our pastor

Thank you for being our friend

Thank you for being with us

Until your retirement begins

You’ve always been here for us

You’ve gone the extra mile

You always greet

Everyone with a handshake and smile.

 The young folks love you Mrs. Ruth

You are so good to them

They will love you forever

And will always remember your kindness to them.

 You’re a guiding light to others,
A shining example to us all,
A comforter, friend,

Your door’s open to all who call,
You offer support to those who need it,
No matter what time – day or night,

We appreciate you both

For all that you have done

For being our Pastor and wife


The audio clip below is from the General Supt.

of the Wesleyan Church, Dr. Jo Anne Lyon

January 17, 2016 David Cobb’s Sermon -AM service
audio clip

 January 17, 2016 PM Sermon/singing
audio clip