Fellowship Hall

The church has been in need of a Fellowship Hall for a long time. So in 2016, plans were made to begin fundraisers to help get a Fellowship Hall.

So this is just a summary of how the Lord has made a way for us to have this Fellowship Hall.

Spring on the Mountain, 5/7/16, many  volunteered their time and their talents to raise money.

10/15/16 Cookbooks were made and sold as a Fundraiser.






Standing Stone Day 2016 we sold cookbooks.11/12/16 Monterey FCE Bazaar we sold cookbooks and had a drawing for a basket.September 2016

A dear lady in the church would make bread and sell it. All proceeds went to the Fellowship Hall.

September 23-24, 2016

We had lots of stuff and lots of people come to our Yard Sale.

Spring on the Mountain 5/6/17 we sold cookbooks and had a drawing for a basket.

Aluminum cans were also being collected to help with the Fellowship Hall.

May 2017

Things began to happen quicker than we ever could imagine. The county school board decided to get rid of their portable classrooms.  So we contacted them to see if they would be selling the one in Monterey.  The school board was willing and in order to do it, there was an auction process. (6/29/17)  Long story short, the building went up for bid 3 different times. With much prayer, the church bid the third time and got the building! (Pd in full 10/3/17!)

Many things had to be done before we could even think of moving the building-too much to name, but many people helped with this and donated to the church and for that we are very thankful.


January 2018

After many obstacles, traffic was blocked and the building was moved to its new home-our fellowship hall!

We could not have done all this without the prayers and the people in the community willing to help us with this project.  The county paper wrote an article about it. Please click the link:


February 2018

We had lots of rain which also caused major delay in our work. We also had a death in the church family which really devastated us all, as he had been a big part of the project.

With lots of rain, it was sometimes hard to get done what we needed to, but the Lord blessed in a might way.

April 2018

May 2018

A family in the church has donated their time to work on the deck at the Fellowship Hall.


June 2018

Things were being worked on in the inside such as plumbing, electric, etc.

July 2018

The roof has been put on the deck and the balusters have been added. Special thanks to the family that spent many hours working on it.

July 2018

Walls are being prepped to get ready for painting.

July 2018

Primer has been put on the walls thanks to some dear people for helping.

August 2018

Painting has begun!

September 2018


October 2018


November 2018

Finishing touches were put on the building and

we are so thankful for those who came our way this month to help.


December 2018

The Lord has blessed us and we are so thankful to have a building

we can now meet in to fellowship together!  Our first Christmas in our

Fellowship Hall!



Our work is not done yet!   Can you help us?

-First and foremost-we need your prayers.

-If anyone would like to make a donation, please contact Pastor Ted (931-322-9700) for the info.



For all the prayers and donations and time spent on this Fellowship Hall. We just want to say thank you ALL and God bless you for your kindness.  We're not through yet and your continued prayers would be appreciated.