Please have Easter eggs at the church by Sunday, April 9th

Next item needed for Neighborhood Ministry:

Payday candy bars

Anyone interested in helping out with

Junior Church Sunday mornings, please

see Pastor Ted

Penny March-every Sunday morning-

proceeds from this go to the Junior Church

We need your prayers as we have started

a Fellowship Hall Fund.

ALL donations will be appreciated.

How can you help?

1. Be saving your aluminum cans!  All money

from the cans will go toward the

Fellowship Hall.


2.  Our new church Cookbooks are for sale for $7 each.

After that you can get them through Pastor Ted at

at 931-322-9700, or contacting by email trankin@citlink.net


3.  Sister Joanne sometimes bakes “goodies”

and brings them to church for a

suggested donation of $4