Missionary to Zambia

Missionary to Zambia-Robin Crowell


I want to humbly thank each and every one of you for the generous support and prayers you

have given to me over the past several years.

In mid-July of this year, my service with Global

Partners in Zambia will come to a close. I have been sensing God leading me back to the States

for my next season working as a PA and being with my family during some exciting transitions in some of their lives!

My years in Zambia have been productive, and I have been strengthened in

more ways than I can imagine. Thousands of patients were attended to and shown the love of

Jesus to the best of my abilities, students were taught in hopes that they might become better clinicians, and life

-lasting relationships were established. It is because of YOU that I could spend this season of life here in Zimba, Zambia. I can’t thank

you enough for giving me this opportunity. Although this season is coming to a close, I am

excited for the next season, and would humbly appreciate each of your prayers as I look to the future!


Robin Crowell



The Missionary will be Robin Crowell.  She will be going to Zimba, Zambia.  This tells a little about her. 

Robin Crowell was studying to be a physician assistant (PA) back in 2011 when Drs. Dan & Joan Jones, Global Partners Medical Missionaries to Zambia, came and spoke, offering four students to complete elective clinical rotation in Zambia working at Zimba Mission Hospital. The presentation was wonderful, but at the time, she did not think it was for her and€” it was just too far away! Robin attended Passion (a college conference in Atlanta, GA) in January 2012 where she heard God call her to go to Africa asking, "Why would you let a fear of flying keep you from doing My will? Don't you see that if I call, I will keep you safe?" She trusted God, and when requests for clinical rotations were due, she added Zambia, Africa to her "Wish List." She applied through Global Partners for the rotation in Zambia, was interviewed, and was one of four students selected. A year and a half later, she was on her way to Zambia! God created an incredible bond between Robin and Drs. Dan & Joan Jones. She was in tears the day she had to leave Zimba. As Robin puts it, "God wrecked my heart in the most amazing way when I returned in August of 2013." She processed what God had done, and He began to speak in her spirit, "I want you to go back and€” not just for a few weeks but€” as a full-time missionary this time!" Prior to Zambia, full-time missionary service was not on her radar at all! She planned to finish PA school, find a job, work hard to pay off loans, and go on short-term trips when possible. "God has taken everything with me step-by-step!" she says. "He has provided all of my needs thus far, and there is no doubt that He will continue to provide as I seek out His Call! To whom God Calls, He also provides!" Robin is busy with team-building and raising support so that she will be ready for her first three-year term by Jan. 2016 when she begins as a full-time medical missionary. "I'm excited to see how God works! I can't wait to make new connections in the District and share with the congregations!" 

Let's support Robin with both our prayers and our offerings! http://www.globalpartnersonline.org/missionaries/WM04-0404


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