Our Church History



The Monterey Wesleyan Church, formerly known as the Pilgrim Holiness Church was started around 1937. Rev. Elmer Moon, his family, and the church folks worked and gave of their means to get the church going. Rev. Moon’s daughter married Hershel Matthews. These folks live in Alpine, TN.

Rev. Curtis Simmons pastored the church and also Rev. Hotle’s grandfather.

Rev. Eulas Stephens and his family were here in and around 1954.The Stephens’ son, Willis, married Sara Jo Phipps, the daughter of Dillard and Marie Phipps.

Rev. Homer Brown and family were here in 1956. They now live in Florida.

Rev. C.L. Cook, Sister Cook and Debbie were here in and around 1964.

Rev. Ben Watts, Barbara and Timmy also pastored. Brother Watts was always a blessing when he sang Zion’s Hill.

It was sometime at this point in church history that we became the Wesleyan church.

Several pastors drove many miles to serve our church. These people come to mind-Rev. Sam Hicks, Rev. Frank Therber, and Rev. Robert Daniel.

Listed below are other pastors we have had: Rev. Dallas Nance, Rev. Junior Gardner, Rev. Roy Webster, Rev. Roy Nash, Rev. John Lawson, Rev. Doug Carr, Rev. David Cobb, Rev. Rick Frazier and our current Pastor now, Rev. Ted Stepp.

May we that are here today continue to see the work and ministry of the Monterey Wesleyan Church go forward.


In 2002, we were joined  by the Moon Family in the service.  They gave us a history of our church and how it began. Brother Daniel was our Pastor at the time.