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prayers for lights
Submitted By:susan sisco
Prayer Request:my name is Susan Sisco and we have our lights thru VEC in Monterey. my husband is on oxygen and we have gotten help for lights by UCHRA and good Samaritans recently and can not do them until after 1 year, they only help 1 time per year. reason of needing the help in first place was because I had a heart attack and severe asthma and have tried to get work yet no one wants to hire me. we are on a fixed income of 733 per month and after paying for my husbands meds and co pays and my meds and land payment we were unable to pay the light bill and got way behind. my account at VEC is 101325910 its in my account name and we live in Putnam county but get our mail from Sparta but our lights come from VEC Monterey and Kelly at the office. a few days ago they came out and shut our lights off while I was here and I went out to talk with the light man and he put it back on but said if they tell him to come back he has no choice but to disconnect it again. they know we have oxygen here and have the statement from TLC medical at Monterey, at Crossville and even head office in Decater TN but still turn it off. you can call TLC in Crossville if need to confirm we have oxygen here. right now our light bill is $228 total but I think Steven's street care center going to pay $50 or at least I think they said they would so any amount would help us out. so please keep my family in your prayers please? I don't want to lose my husband because I cant afford the full light bill right now. I have lived without lights before and can do that but at the time we did not have life saving oxygen here so please keep us in your prayers. I would like to still have my lights for thanksgiving but if its Gods will that I don't then please keep me in the prayers I will make it and my husband will still be here and not pass away due to lack of oxygen. thanks and sorry this is kind of long prayer but I believe in God and bible says all things work for good to them that love God

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